Roves Farm

We had a fantastic trip to Roves Farm on Thursday.  We had such a lucky day: the sun shone down on us, we saw twin lambs being born and we saw some butterflies dancing in the fields.  The children collected eggs from the hens and we learned that eggs are not chickens’ poo! (Last week […]

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World Book Day

Thank you so much to parents for supporting this super day at school.  It was wonderful to see all of the children so comfortable and happy in their costumes.  In the morning we imagined what stories would be like if characters from different stories were in them.  We started off by creating a story involving […]

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Are we animals?

In science we have been thinking about what animals are.  Some of us have been surprised to find out that we are animals.  We went on an animal hunt in the Year One play area.  Sadly we didn’t find a jaguar!  Nor did we catch a squirrel or a bird but we did find a […]

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Representing numbers

Recently, in maths, we have been representing numbers in different ways such as on dice, fingers, tally charts, dots and tens and ones.  This is a key part of maths learning – being able to break numbers into the correct number of tens and ones helps with further calculation work and shows a fundamental understanding […]

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Last week we investigated how much water needed to be added to sand to make the perfect sandcastle.  The children worked so well in their groups and shared the jobs between them.  There was careful measuring, stirring and patting and much pride in our finished sandcastles.  Then the children showed the results in a bar […]

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